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The Full Plan gives you all the benefits of the Basic and Intermediate plans with extended third party liability, extended medical cover, increased travel cover for cancellations and curtailment and larger amounts for theft of luggage and personal belongings.

The Full Plan provides:

  Volunteer cover
  Third Party Civil Liability - up to 1,500,000.oo euro.
Compensation for damage, death, personal injury and damage to property and effects of third parties as a result of an accident involuntarily caused by the insured.
Valid for the duration of your policy.
This protects your Host and any other third parties against any accidental damage you might cause.
    Accidents - Death - Disability
  Up to 25,000.oo euro - up to 50,000.oo euro.
Valid for the duration of your policy.
This will cover you in the unfortunate event of an accident resulting in serious injury or death.

A Woofer was using a wheelbarrow to bring some firewood to the house. She slipped and the wheelbarrow crashed into the side of the Hosts car causing 1,400.oo euros of damage, an expense that both the WWOOFer and the Host would have had difficulty in meeting. Under the Third Party Liability section of the WWOOFers cover the insurance covered the cost.

A Wwoofer was taking a Hosts dog for a walk when it jumped into the road in front of a car, causing it to crash with 1,100.oo euro of damage to the car, which both the Host, as the dogs owner, and the WWOOFer, as the dogs custodian, were liable for. Under the Third Party Liability section of the WWOOFers cover the insurance covered the repairs.

An American volunteer was killed in a road accident in Spain. The cost of the emergency services, autopsy, certificates and permits, repatriation of the coffin, and the expenses of the next of kin's travel and accommodation costs came to 21,000.oo euro.

A French volunteer was using a log splitting machine on a Farm in Germany and accidentally chopped of 4 fingers on one hand. The volunteer had to be airlifted from the remote farm to a specialist surgery unit able to undertake the complex surgery to reattach 3 of the fingers. The total medical costs were 27,000.oo euro. This was covered by the 2,000.00 euro medical costs and 32,000.oo euro payment for the permanent damage of the lost finger.
  Medical expenses
  Up to 100,000.oo euro for emergency medical expenses
Including dental treatment and
emergency medical repatriation/reunion.
The medical cover only applies to physical illness and accident. Mental health issues are not covered.
Valid for the duration of your policy.
This will cover you for any medical situation you might encounter whilst travelling and volunteering.
    Travel and Personal belongings
  Cancellation or curtailment - up to 3,000.oo euro.
Delayed or missed flights - up to 200.oo euro.
Luggage and personal belongings - up to 1,200.oo euro.
Personal valuables (Ipod, mobile 'phone, laptop computer, camera) - up to 800.oo euro.
Loss of Passport / Travel Documents - up to 300.oo euro.
Valid for the duration of your policy.

In the six years we have held the policy 2,000.oo euro for medical expenses and 500.oo euro for dentistry have proved to be more than enough for the kind of medical expenses WWOOFers and volunteers encounter.
For the most part the claims are for visits to a local doctor or hospital emergency, x rays or tests and some prescription medicines or treatments with the average cost of around 400.oo euro.
Occasionally some one has appendicitis or has a more serious accident involving surgery and a short stay in hospital, but the costs have never exceeded 2,000.oo euro.

The average cost for emergency dental work like replacing fillings and caps or extractions is around 250.oo euro.

The main advantage of the increased medical cover for the full plan is the extension of the cover from "just on a farm" to "for your entire trip", and the provision for air ambulance and emergency repatriation.

You are covered for

Cancellation or Curtailment of your trip
Loss of Passport / Travel Documents
Out-of-pocket expenses resulting from a delayed or missed flight.
Loss or theft of luggage and personal belongings.
Delayed arrival of checked luggage.
Personal valuables
Extra cover for high risk personal valubles (Ipod/Mp3 player, mobile 'phone, laptop/tablet computer, camera).
All items must be specified at the time of ordering as items cannot be added at a later date.
You will need to provide model names and serial numbers when adding the item and proof of purchase/ownership when making a claim.

The Full plan costs 12.oo euro per week.

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